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Fitness Friday! (May 4)

I’m giving you 3 guesses what day it is today… … give up? FRIDAY! This week were going to go a bit more into the calorie components of a balanced meal. As we discussed before, there are 3 major components that create calories; Protein, Carbohydrates (Carbs), and Fat. I don’t want to confuse you too … Continue reading

Fitness Friday! (April 27)

It’s that time again! FIIIIITNESSS FRIIIDAYY!!!! -crickets- Well at least I’m excited to share some more news! In an effort to keep this short and sweet, we’ll move on to the 2nd half of last week’s discussion right away “The Exercise“. Usually people take quite some time to get into a new lifestyle (I don’t … Continue reading

Marketing in a Digital World Reflection

Assignment Reflection The assignments we completed throughout the Marketing in a Digital World course allowed us to analyze and learn how many aspects there are to maintaining a strong digital campaign. We began with an Online Audit that had us reviewing a company’s digital presence (primarily through social networks). Through this assignment we were able … Continue reading

Fitness Friday! (April 20)

Howdy! Welcome back to Fitness Friday! This week, we were going to answer How to stay motivated and Keeping yourself accountable, but I’m going to leave that for next week, because I have decided that we will work on getting your eating habits straight. The biggest problem I’ve found people have with their new found … Continue reading

Fitness Friday! (April 13)

Welcome to Fitness Fridays! A good time to set up your weekly routine is over the weekend, so let’s get started with some weekly tips and workout routines. A little background on myself, I used to be a husky teen with little athleticism and no care for healthy eats. I was introduced to fitness in … Continue reading

Professionalism on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was released in 2003 and has been growing in popularity quite rapidly, especially over the past few years. However, not everyone uses this tool properly and some treat it as if it were another casual social networking tool. Here are some reasons why LinkedIn should be used strictly professionally and not as another ‘Facebook’ … Continue reading

The ‘No Equipment Necessary – At Home Fat Burning Exercise Routine’

I think the title gives it away, but this is an exercise routine I threw together that just about anyone can do from the comfort of their home. It includes 4 exercises with a variety of difficulty levels you can choose from. From there, you pick how long you rest and how many sets you … Continue reading

The Groupon Paradox – How it can destroy your business!

What is Groupon’s paradox? Groupon’s business is designed to increase consumer purchasing power by bringing companies groups of customers (from deep discounts offered) in order to boost sales. They offer a contradictory sales pattern, a boost in sales transactions, but a decline in sales profitability. Below is an example of how price erosion occurs: “The … Continue reading

Viral Ads – Do they promote sales?

Advertising isn’t always about what you need An ad’s viral effects are rarely correlated with the type of product (i.e. commodity, etc.). The aspect that creates a viral ad is the ad itself, not the product it’s advertising. With this in mind, do you remember the product or the ad better? Because that’s what seperates … Continue reading

CRASH Dieting

Check out my RANT blog on Crash Dieting. I think you’ll catch my standpoint on the topic through the video tone… ENJOY!